domingo, 3 de enero de 2016


 I am writing because I am losing my faith on the humankind.

I am a normal guy writing on his laptop. Nothing less, nothing more. I am a human being. I have faith and I have feelings. I am able to solve most of my problems by myself, or at least, that is what some of my friends say when they cannot help me. Trying to cheer me up; forgetting that I am also a human being, though.

I praise meditation and mindfulness constantly. But I am inevitably glued to my smartphone. I cannot control my impulses. I love writing. I don’t do it as much as I would like, though. It is my fault. My procrastination and fearful brain.

I love to love, but I am tired of find people that run away scared of themselves. Themselves hurting themselves. They are humans as well, though.

We are not gods. We are humans. We are living in a world that is producing thousands of successful gurus of self-help. But they, as my friends do, usually forget that we are also humans. That we are a process, not just a product. That we can be sad as much as we are happy. That we learn. That we need time to become other person. Usually, we need a life to become who we are not.

I admit it; I am a psychologist becoming a positive psychologist. A wannabe scientific guru of self-help, so to say.

I am starting to use my left hand to do common things, and I am learning more than brushing my teeth with the opposite hand. I am learning to accept where I am, and where I am not. To accept who I am, and who I am not. To understand what I can do, and what I cannot. I am learning to love my defects, my imperfections, my humanity. I need to accept me to become myself, and once I have become myself, I could start to change it. In case, I want. Because, maybe, it will solve thousands of problems to accept who we are now. Or not?

I don’t know. But I have find another excuse to work on my projects for next year. I want to find like-minded. (You are welcome to write me straight ahead: I want to find people that think like me in order to not feeling as lonely as I have been feeling lastly. I want to think that the mediocrity that surrounds me is not the general rule, but the exception. I want to recover my hope and faith on the humankind and wake up every morning thinking that I am not alone. That I am not working alone to take the humankind to its next stage. To the stage of abandonment of mediocrity and self-help gurus. The stage of trusting and loving each other unconditionally while developing our most creative selves.

I want to write in English because I need worldwide faith. I want to reach as far as possible to believe that this is a global movement and not just a local one.

This is just my declaration of war. My war for the humankind. My war for the future.  My war of peace.

I would like to see your weapons soon. Pens, laptops, pencils, paintbrushes, blogs, videos, documentaries, projects, dances... Whatever! I will make my best to find as many warriors as possible. Let’s take humankind to its new utopia.

Be brave and give your best to the world. Be brave and love. Be brave and live.

Good work, and let your spirit guide you.

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  1. Dear Carlos,

    At first I was shocked that you were feeling lonely and surrounded by mediocrity (in fact it sounds terrible!). But I was only shocked for a moment, later I will explain why.

    Your text raises many short answers for very complex questions, so I think you will have a lot of ideas to write about (and post). Why is people scared of themselves? Why don’t they love? Why do we need to become another person, and what does it mean? Are you not yourself if you don’t accept yourself, and do you really need to be it if you want to change, or does it only make you suffer less? But, most importantly: what is mediocrity and how do we fight it, where are we to point our pens, our ideas, our weapons? You (we) need to be concrete.

    As I quite figure out what your idea of mediocrity is, I started to think why did you feel that way. And in fact it’s normal, and that’s the problem. It’s a matter of representativity. The media that we constantly consume is full of mediocrity. Internet is crowded of videos, memes, comments, etc. about (stupid?) people doing stupid things, and of course consumers laughing at them out loud. You don’t usually get popped up with a smart idea or a great comment. But that is just an example. Mediocrity is loud, salient. Trust, love, creativity, criticism maybe not so much.

    Of course I don’t want to say that mediocrity is the exception, I just want to reveal that you don’t see “not mediocrity” that easily. But I want to remind you where you (where we) are. We are in the end of our formation, we are Mental Health wannabees. Year after year more and more students actually do fight against each other to become a Mental Health profesional. And, what’s more, a good one, I believe. We are Mental Health wannabees, and, what’s more, we want to change Mental Health.

    There you have my little bit of hope,
    Luis Daniel.

    1. Infinite thanks for your comment and support!!
      I will have your questions and advices very present in my next posts.
      You are completely right, lots of texts to write...