sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2014


(It was not the best day. Sometimes I lose my nerves.)

I guess I am not changing anything. Neither for the better, nor for the worse. The brain was made for adaptation. No matter where we end, well-being level and satisfaction with life will stabilize over time.

Anti-utopias tell us about the weirdo, that unhappy individual in an almost perfect world. 1984, A brave new world (Un mundo feliz, in its Spanish translation…), Black mirror, Wall-e … People will be happy and will remain satisfied whatever the conditions of their futile existence. Only the individual who does not know suffers. He who does not know how to avoid the responsibility of humankind; how to stop thinking about the destiny of our specie; how to forget the anxiety of death suffers, silently or loudly, but suffers.

1984, simply a solitary nostalgic of thoughts and vocabulary. Orwell wanted to tittle the work “The last man in Europe”. 1984 was less aggressive, I guess. A brave new world, such a couple of misfits. Even more, when they offer to be expelled one of them does not want to leave his perfect society. Nothing matters, nothing.

Black Mirror. Black mirror. A guy threatening with committing suicide with the screen of his jail, on a screen. Meanwhile people continue riding towards nothingness. Nothing happens, and that is what happens. The system does not introduce the glass in our throats because we are the system. We cannot kill ourselves; we are just adapting to live with the pressure of being reduced to vacuity. The bravery attempt of a weirdo change nothing. Because that is what they are going to change. Nothing.

[By the way, reality will surpass fiction. Value judgments aside.]

Wall-e. A happy ending story for kids to let them preserve the hopes for a couple of years more. Nothing further from the reality. However, it has a good point. When humankind loose the control, technology with a good purpose will be our only salvation. Not the designer, but the device. Id est, what is written, not the writer. Designers die. Designers with their calm conscience just hope that when they will be discover it will not be already too late. Once written I just can say:

Good luck.

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